On The Road to Manhood

I’ll try to understand though I’m only a man

I made a mistake, it wasn’t part of my plan

but I pray you understand

I told you-you were broken

must have felt like I threw your heart in the sand

but I noticed the joy you once shared had journeyed to another land

and I should have tried to understand-

that you gave your heart and all you had to a man

vows in hand, but it did not go as planned

we speak, we meet, my life is full again

but looking back at this time-I still didn’t understand

you were protecting your heart, and I saw it as restrictions

tried to explain my frustrations, but used incorrect diction

like the eye of a needle I kept on missing

your point of view but now I can see, my vision is true

and I promise the next time I’ll try to understand

so I’m sorry I lost you wasn’t part of my plan

but I learned this valuable lesson on this path to becoming a Man

and I give you my word I’ll try to understand

My Angle taught me this…


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