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The Man-U-Script is a Self-Help guide to the path of Manhood. This seven chapter book is designed to establish a foundation of principles and morals that men are built upon. The basic information in the volume should be mastered by all young men as they prepare for manhood. This combination of anecdotes, short stories and catch phrases were refined into this body of work, also known as your “Tool Box” for Successful Living. Within your “Tool Box for Success you will find all the tools you need to be the Master Architect of Your Own Destiny. “You are The Author of Your Own Design” simply means you have the power to become the Man you have always wanted to be. You are now holding the keys to your future and overall Freedom. Write these principles on the tablet of your heart and Manifest your Greatness within. Remember, we are all self-made, but only the rich will admit to it. –W.B. Ward

Table of Contents
Dedication 5
Acknowledgements 7
Foreword 8
Preface 15
Introduction 18
Chapter 1-The Master of Self 23
Time Management 25
Become Students of Life 27
Master your Machine 30
Chapter 2-Responsible 40
School/Work 46
Family/Significant others 49
Home/Vehicle 49
Chapter 3-Every Man Must Possess Character 57
Reliable 57
Self-Sufficient 65
Honesty 71
Respectable 75
Protector 79
Chapter 4-Professional Development 84
Choosing the Right Suit 84
Etiquette 106
Orator/Presentation skills 108
Writing with A Purpose 110
Resume Writing 113
Preparing for an Interview 133
Chapter 5-Every Man Personal Development 137
Exercising the Mind 140
Exercising the Body 141
Exercising the Spirit 142
Personal Hygiene 143
Well-Groomed 145
Chapter 6-Budgeting 148
Budgeting 101 148
Managing Your Money 152
Chapter 7-Trade/Craft 105
Trade 154
Craft 154
Master Your Craft 156
Reflection 160
Book List 163
Web links 164

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