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W. B. Ward II is President and CEO of Cornerstone Healthcare Solutions LL C. This one man team provides prevention education and consulting to local community organizations and business owners that serve the members of their communities. A highly sought after Motivational Speaker, and author of “The Man-U-Script” and “The Coffee Shop”( parts 1 & 2), W. B. Ward is a Man with a Plan.

W. B. has spoken for countless youth groups around the Tallahassee Big Bend area. Organizations such as 50 Large (gang prevention group), Visions of Manhood (court mandated behavior modification program); The 100 Black Men of Tallahassee (collegiate chapter) are just a few.

As a health educator, W. B. found himself speaking often to “at risk” youth groups, about the benefits of knowing how to protect themselves from STD’s including HIV/AIDS. Recognizing that the definition of “good health” is not merely the absences of sickness or disease, but the overall physical, mental, psychological, and psycho-social well-being, W. B. begin to expand his teachings. The basic principles of life, such as good hygiene, manners, respect, etiquette, and other topics requested by the group instructors became a part of the curriculum.

By 2011 W. B. was in his junior year of college, at Florida A & M University’s school of Allied Health. W. B. studied to earn a B.S. degree in Health Care Management, while working full-time, and taking a full class load every semester. School came with its challenges, and life always throws a curve ball or two, every now and then. While venting to mentor Keith Turner about the woes of the day, W.B. Ward made the statement “man this life is rough and it don’t come with no instruction manual.”

“Keith asked me what I was waiting for. He said if I needed something, and it didn’t exist, I needed to create it. He told me to think of all of the other young brothers that would benefit from the knowledge I’d learned thus far. I thought hard about what he said. What about the brothers that didn’t have guys around them like the ones that were around me? What about those that didn’t have parents like the ones I had? I realized I made a Choice to learn some things on my own, but I still had the fundamental knowledge that my parents gave me.”

W. B. continued to speak to youth groups whenever time would permit and still does so today. Visit his Motivational Speakers page to learn more about the topics he covers and how to book a speaking engagement for your youth group today.

After a brief hiatus in late 2014 due to health issues, W. B. is back on the scene with his latest work The Man-U-Script. A self-help guide to the path of Manhood. W. B.’s teachings will motivate your youth into action, by driving home the REALITY that, each person on this earth is truly “The Author of Their OWN Design!”
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