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The Man-U-Script, is a collection of anecdotes, short stories, and catch phrases, that were refined into a self-help guide to the path of Manhood.

The seven chapters within the book will challenge the readers through, writing and speaking exercises. The reader will also act out new skills learned within the chapters.

This book, along with our video tutorials and weekly podcast series (offered on the website), will provide all of the necessary tools needed to Design the Man you’ve always wanted to be.



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The Coffee Shop Vol.1 (full version), is a collection of short stories that details the life of a young man who struggles to keep his life together after losing his job.

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The Coffee Shop Vol.2 (full version) picks up shortly after the main characters next “big step” has become clear as day. Find out what happens when he decides to take a chance and shoot for the stars…

Coming Soon.





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